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Team Sponsorship

Our sponsors are the team’s Backbone! They help us compete to our best ability!  Here are the GREAT sponsors that support us every stroke, pedal, & step of the way to the finish line! Please honor us, by going to our sponsors for your racing, fitness, & entertainment needs!

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Team Barracuda was created in 2012. The goal was to create an environment where kids can learn, grow, and have fun in the sport of triathlon. In order to be successful, it takes a lot of time and effort, and a good amount of dollars. These dollars pay for items ranging from indoor trainers (a necessity in the Northeast), uniforms, and other training accessories that are needed to help support our young athletes. The number one cost associated with the team is travel expenses. The fees to get to races in Virginia, Iowa, Washington, Wisconsin, and Ohio, can be very expensive. Sponsoring Team Barracuda with any amount will go a long way to helping these young athletes achieve their goals.

Our 2017 race schedule may include travel and lodging to the following locations:

  • Richmond, VA in early May
  • Pleasant Prairie, WI in early June
  • Monroe, WA in mid-June
  • Des Moines, IA in mid-July
  • West Chester, OH in early August

Sponsorship Level






$200 or less

$201 – 500

$501 – 1000


Sponsorship Gift

Logo on website and social media

Level 1 + water bottle

Level 1, Level 2 + team shirt

Level 1 – Level 3 + Coaching consultation

All sponsorship dollars go directly to supporting our young athlete’s development and we at Team Barracuda appreciate all the support you give us. Please contact us to inquire about being a part of our sponsorship team.