B Strong. B Fast. Just Fit.

Welcome to Team Barracuda

Team Barracuda is the #1 Youth & Junior Triathlon program and team in Westchester County!

The “Youth & Junior” divisions are the fastest growing segments of triathlon today! More and more races are being developed just for kids all over the country, and internationally.

The great thing about youth triathlon is that all three sports; swimming, biking, & running, are activities kids do all the time. Our goal is to increase their skill level in each discipline, and teach them how to have fun & succeed in a sport they can to for the rest of their lives

The Team Barracuda Program is comprised of three different levels to help progress young athletes through their multisport journey.

Level 1:
Development Team

(Ages 7-14)

Triathletes learn the basics of the sport and how to go from one discipline to the next.


Level 2:
Competitive Team

(Ages 11-16)

Triathletes learn how to race, be competitive, and overcome challenges.


Level 3: High Performance Team

(Ages 13-19)

Triathletes learn and race in draft-legal, Olympic style events in the USAT Youth & Junior Elite Cup Race Series, F1 Series, and National Championship Races.

Team Approach

Triathlon is an individual sport. Each athlete is responsible for their own performance. On Team Barracuda, we go about it with a “team” mentality, working together to achieve personal success!

Team Barracuda coaches understand the value of learning responsibility. Respect for others and Sportsmanship are the key values each team member will learn and use for a lifetime.

Competition is good. Winning and losing are valuable lessons. Having friends there to cheer you on, pick you up, and push you to do your best, is having fun and racing triathlon the “Team” Barracuda way!